AbstractAim: The purpose of this study was to obtain normative values of body fat percent for athlete and non-athlete male adolescent in Tehran city.

Method: For this reason, 619 boys (11-12 years of age) including 306 athletes among 8 sports (with mean weight 33.9±6.0 kg and height 142.4±6.9 cm) and 313 non athletes (with mean weight 33.2±7.6 kg and height 140.5±6.7 cm) were selected randomly and participated in this descriptive study. Body fat percent calculated using slaughter equation and normative values of body fat percent for both athletes and non-athletes were obtained using descriptive statistics.

Results: The findings showed that normative values of body fat percent for athletes were in ranges of 8.72-19.09. Normative values of body fat percent for non-athletes were in range of 8.36-18.73. However, there were no significant differences between norms of body fat percent in athletes and non athletes.

Conclusion: With respect to result of this study, cultureal programs account into consideration for promotion knowledge about adverse effects of sedentary life especially in children and adolescents.

Key words: Norm, Body fat percent, Athlete, Non-athlete