Physical education and sports science is an interdisciplinary knowledge, more than other disciplines, it requires interaction and exchange of experiences. Providing suitable platforms for such scientific exchanges in the age of information explosion is an unavoidable necessity. Based on this importance, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences of Guilan University, relying on the brilliant history of its educational and research activities, has published the journal Metabolism and Sports Activity. The sports community and educated thinkers can add to the richness of this fledgling publication by sending their scientific and research articles in the field of sports physiology and branches and titles related to the metabolism of sports activity and make the country's scientific community benefit from its benefits. The purpose of publication of the Journal of Metabolism and Sports Activity is to present theories, research results and scientific achievements in the field of metabolism and sports activity, followed by the improvement of the quality level of education and research, the exchange and development of new scientific experiences and learnings. and introduce students to the latest scientific findings