In line with the educational and research goals of Guilan University to produce and publish correct and original scientific information, the Journal of Metabolism and Exercise, as one of the indexed research publications of Guilan University, considers itself obliged to comply with the principles of professional ethics values. In this regard, the following are ethical standards for the editors, advisors, and referees, as well as the audience of the publication, including the main authors and collaborators, consultants or collaborators whose titles are mentioned in the acknowledgments section, readers and other necessary researchers. It is implemented.

Articles are published in this publication that are based on original and practical research. Researchers who submit an article for publication are committed that this article is the result of their research work and that of their colleagues, and that they have not sent the article to another journal for publication at the same time, and upon receiving the journal's response, they are also committed not to submit the article to other journals. Are. Authors' commitment and non-conflict of interest forms can be obtained from the links below.