Researchers can prepare their scientific-research articles in various fields of metabolism and Exercise based on the following instructions and send them to the journal for review and publication.

The process of printing an article in Metabolism and Sports Activity is free.

General principles

1. The submitted articles must be in the form of research (Original Article) or review (Review).

2. The article should be written in Persian language common in scientific publications and in fluent prose.

3. The review article is only accepted from experienced researchers who are proficient in the subject of the article and who have authored works in that field.

4. The author/authors must register and submit their articles while referring to the journal's electronic database at The article should not be sent to another reference for publication or previously published. It is not allowed to send the article to other magazines at the same time.

5. It is mandatory to send the completed print request form and letter of commitment along with the article (the print request form is available on the website of the publication).

6. The received articles will be reviewed and evaluated anonymously by the members of the editorial board, consultants and referees, and the results of the refereeing will be announced in writing to the author/authors.

7. The deadline for submitting the revised article by the author/authors after receiving the opinion of the referees is a maximum of 15 days, and after the deadline, the article will be treated as a new article and sent again for judging.

8. The journal will not have any obligation to print or return the received articles.

9. The journal does not assume any responsibility for the delay in the publication of the article caused by the author/authors not following this guide.

10. If the article has been presented at a conference and other scientific gatherings before being sent to the journal, this should be announced by mentioning the date of presentation and the full details of the conference.

11. The author of the article is responsible for the scientific accuracy of the article, and the journal is not responsible for this.

12. The journal is free to edit the content of accepted articles.