Aim: Rapid weight loss (RWL) methods may be cause to reduce physiological capabilities during training or competition periods. In this study, the effect of traditional methods of RWL on anaerobic performance indexes and body composition variables in young wrestlers
Method: Thirty-two free style Wrestler males with 19 to 21 years old, body weight 69.28±0.45 kg, and body mass index 23.2±3.6 kg/m2, in two category of weight (60 and 66 kg) were voluntarily participated in this study.
First the subject measured reduced body weight by 5±0.1 kg in conventional method and performed, RAST test. After 6 hours with consuming fluid and diet, body composition variable and anaerobic power indexes were measured. According to weight loss recommendations of International Community, two groups of 3% and 5% weight loss were separated and related of parameters were compared.
Results: Anthropometric variables and absolute and relative anaerobic powers were changed significant in two groups after 6 hours recovery pursuant to weight reduction (P<0.05).
Conclusion: It seems young wrestlers without consideration of international recommendations, reduce 3 to 6 percent of body weight by RWL, 3 to 4 days before the competition. The method of RWL may disturb wrestlers performance.
Key words: Rapid Losing Weigth, Anaerobic Power, Fatigue Index