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1 Associate Professor, University of Mazandaran

2 MSc in Exercise Physiology

3 Assistant Professor, University of Mazandaran


Aim: Omentin-1 is an adipokine that is highly secreted in visceral adipose tissue compared to subcutaneous adipose tissue and increases insulin sensitivity. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of 8-week resistance training on omentin-1¬ plasma levels in insulin resistant male rats.
Method: Twenty-four Wistar male rats¬ with average weight¬ 161±23 gr were randomly divided into three groups: health control, insulin resistance control, insulin resistance training. After fructose-inducing insulin resistance to the two groups of insulin resistance control and insulin resistance training bleeding in all subjects was done then training group was exercised for 8 weeks (3d/wk). In the training protocol, a ladder was used on which rats carriedpen loads suspended from their tails. After the training session omentin-1, insulin, glucose, lipids profile plasma concentration and (HOMA-IR) index were measured.
Results: The results of this study indicate that 8 weeks of resistance training can cause significant increase of omentin-1 and HDL-C plasma concentration in insulin resistance training group (P≤0.05) and insulin, glucose, cholesterol, LDL-C, TG plasma concentration and (HOMA-IR) index were decreased.
Conclusion: This study indicates that resistance training increases omentin-1 plasma concentration in insulin resistance rats and improves lipids and metabolic profile.